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so i just joined this community. i found it a few days ago but just decided to join. i used to be in like a bajillion communities and didnt post in any of them. but im definitely posting in this one. im excited. i went to a concert last june. we tried to stay at the venue as long as possible and wanted to meet everyone. we didnt. but i met mike marsh. he was so nice. he was talking on his cell phone but didn't seem bothered to call back at all. he signed my friend and my's shirts, and he signed my other friends napkin. she likes getting autographs on things like that. haha. well it was really funny this drunk guy went up to him and was like 'of whom are you? to whom are you?' and mike was like "im in dashboard confessional" and the other guy said "ah i see" and like fell down.

well, just wanted to say hello. add me if you wish
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